Friday, February 8, 2013

Constructive Chaos (Born From a Quiet Night)

I'll give you a chance to find the words to say
The speeches or the arguments that have been harbored
The irate screeches that you could never quite create
Since a reason never existed 'fore this one
And this one was the crux

Herein lies the dilemma
The final curtain call
His coup de grace
As indecisive as his being
His nature has always been one of cowardice
Cowering in the shadow of possibility
Fearing where the No's might lead
And even more so the Yes's

Being skittish saved its life
But one never knows when to quit
To try new tricks
Picking up new picks
And giving up failing skits
Is it finally ready to skip to a new beat?

Tomorrow is a day never attained
And this contrasts with victory
Which in the end always wins
But this is not the end
Nor the commencement
It is what it is
And where it should be
Is victory

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